"Supernatural movie films in Western North Carolina"

Nice long article in the Blueridge Times-News about the filming of THE HEALER. 

One of the main characters is Isabelle Fuhrman, who appeared in “The Orphan” and also acts in the upcoming movie “The Hunger Games” that is also being filmed in Western North Carolina. “The Healer” also brings in “Super 8”'s Joel Courtney and Natalia Dyer from “Hannah Montana: The Movie.”

Big names include two-time Oscar-nominated director/actor/writer Peter Bogdanovich and actor James LeGros, who has several movies under his belt including “Point Break,” “Drugstore Cowboy” and “Enemy of the State,” as well as many television appearances.

Giuseppe Pedersoli and Susan Johnson are producing the project under the Italian company Smile Productions.

Joel Courtney