Super 8 – Classic SciFi is back

From Robert Prentice over at Three If By Space:

Up and Comers to keep an eye on

This movie had many familiar faces but one in particular is going to be a face we will be seeing a lot more of in the near future. Joel Courtney, who plays Joe Lamb, lands his first acting role in Super 8. This movie was Joels first audition and first role as an actor and was called back twice in the same day to read more lines. I must say the casting director made an excellent choice. Many times we find hollywood bringing in actors who are in their 20′s to play characters in their teens because most teens dont have the level of talent or the maturity to pull of the role at hand. Joel had both the skills and the maturity to pull this off. He brought with him what felt like a seasoned actors skill set to the screen and displayed a great deal of emotion and awe that we would expect from someone in their mid twenties. He has already signed on to several more roles in different films and I think we will be seeing a lot more of Joel in the very near future.

Joel Courtney