ComingSoon reviews "Super 8"

ComingSoon has an excellent review of the Super 8 Blu-Ray/DVD that's coming out on 22 Nov 2011. 

The cast of "Super 8" really brought these characters to life. I think the fact that they are mostly newcomers helped add to the authenticity of their performances. They didn't bring the excess baggage of recognizable faces in with them. But there's no doubt they'll be recognizable after "Super 8". Joel Courtney is a great lead as Joe Lamb. He brings childlike enthusiasm to the role along with the sad, depressed feeling of a child who had lost their closest parent. He's a great ‘every-kid'. And as he blushes at the sight of Elle Fanning as Alice, the audience can't help but be brought back to memories of their own first crush. Fanning and Courtney have great chemistry together. 

Joel Courtney