Super 8 –Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital Combo Pack

Teen Hollywood has a sneak peek of whoat's going to be in the Blu-Ray/DVD: 

“Meet Joel Courtney” centers on the film’s star and is a basic “day in my life making the film” kind of featurette. We see Joel at his hotel learning lines, in his trailer and on set, going to set school and his revelation that he didn’t know who Elle Fanning was and was both scared and stoked when he was locked in a room with her.


“Deleted Scenes” – 14 of them are mostly extended scenes but a few things are new. You see Joel’s character give Elle Fanning a walkie talkie so she can be part of the guy gang and they talk about telling his dad all they’ve seen. A new scene includes the gang buying Army clothes for their movie at an Army Surplus store. Well worth a watch.

Joel Courtney