Hollywood Soapbox: "Super 8 is the best ‘Spielberg’ movie in years"

The best thing about the movie is Abrams’ obvious love for Spielberg’s résumé, whether it be E.T. orClose Encounters of the Third Kind. It’s so great to have an intelligent science-fiction movie hit cinemas. Although Spielberg helped progress the genre in the 1970s and 1980s, it should by no means be untouchable for today’s directors. Super 8 is an homage, but it’s very much a solid film in its own right.

Courtney is a solid actor at such a young age (again, reminding me of Henry Thomas in E.T.). Too often great movies are vilified for the young stars at their helm. Super 8 thankfully has a cadre of impressive actors, both young and old.

Joel Courtney