Composer Michael Giacchino Talks "Super 8"

Collider has an interview with "Super 8" composer Michael Giacchino:

Collider: How far along are you on Super 8? The trailer seems like it has a very Amblin/ 70’s 80’s Spielberg vibe to it, does the score echo that sentiment?

Giacchino: I’m going for ultimately what works for the film. There are shades of that for sure in the score. I’ve pretty much written probably 90% of the score at this point. And then I’ve gotta go and record Cars 2 on Saturday, finish up all that for a week, and then I’ll go back to Super 8 and then in three weeks I’ll record that. So it’s been a crazy schedule for the last couple months, but yeah I’m excited about that one, that’s gonna be a really fun thing. I’m in a position where I get to go make something with my friends. Me and J.J. [Abrams] it’s like, the kid who lives next door, “Okay let’s go do this, that’d be cool wouldn’t it? Yeah that’d be fun!”

Joel Courtney