Why J.J. Abrams is super mysterious

From Australia's Herald Sun:

Speaking from Los Angeles, where he is racing the clock to meet the June 10 opening day, Abrams says he isn't being precious -- but he misses the days when audiences could walk into a film knowing nothing about it.

He laments that websites, magazines, TV shows and even trailers have conspired to strip that experience of some of its magic.

"It felt appropriate, given it is about ordinary people going through something extraordinary, not to try and shove it down people's throats but to maintain a level of mystery and secrecy to it," he says.

"By the time movies come out we seem to know so much about every aspect of them that we feel we have seen them. To me, the experience of going to the movies should be one of discovery. I would try to maintain that wherever possible."


Abrams is planning to head to Australia early next month to promote the film, bringing some of his cast of teenagers including Elle Fanning (younger sister of Dakota) and newcomer Joel Courtney, as well as Kyle Chandler of Friday Night Lights fame.

Joel Courtney