JJ Abrams on American Idol to Promote Super 8

JJ Abrams and Elle Fanning appeared on American Idol to promote Super 8:

Ryan Seacrest opened the show by announcing that 95 million votes had been cast this week, more than any previous week this season. He brought out the contestants and wished them good luck, then introduced a taped segment with the top four meeting J.J. Abrams for a screening of footage from his movie Super 8.

He told them they would be a "four-person test audience" for scenes he hadn't shown anyone else yet. After they watched the footage, he gave each of them their own Super 8 camera, and Scotty McCreery made fun of Randy Jackson's recurring "in it to win it" line.

The Super 8 promotion continued as Seacrest interviewed Elle Fanning. She said that McCreery was her pick to win the competition.

Joel Courtney