Just Amblin Along

The following is from the press junket in Singapore yesterday. From TODAY Online:

Wherever you stand on the 44-year-old American producer-screenwriter-director, to the bunch of under-15s he directed in the Steven Spielberg-produced Super 8, Abrams is an inspiration, mentor and every other positive superlative you can think of.

"Don't be honest," quipped Abrams with a laugh at the Four Seasons Singapore yesterday when Today asked Joel Courtney, who plays lead character Joe, what it was like working with the director.

"He's a really good guy. He's the most generous man I know! He's a lot of fun to work with!" said Courtney, who is making his acting debut - on any platform. "He's a genius. He's just brilliant!" he finished off with a mischievous smile.

Thirteen-year-old Elle Fanning - Dakota's little sister and "It" actress on the rise - who plays Alice, agreed. "Sometimes I watch him working on set, and you always see his mind working, you know? You can see he's thinking through all the little details in the film. And all those details make the film what it is."

"I know it's a little cheesy to say but J J has inspired all us kids. And, in turn, he was inspired by the great Steven Spielberg who produced the film," said Ryan Lee, who plays Carey in the film. "So here's hoping this movie inspires everyone to pick up a Super 8 camera and start making movies." 

Joel Courtney