Star Pulse: Joel Courtney is one of 15 Breakout Stars To Bet On This Summer!

From Star Pulse:

The summer movie season is here, and that means one thing: AIR CONDITIONING!!! Also, we get to watch some cool movies with our air conditioning ticket.

There will be some familiar if not downright iconic faces to greet us there, but who's not looking to make some new friends? Lucky for us Hollywood is dishing out a promising group of cinematic newcomers who just might have made the leap to stardom by the time school's back in session -- including two sons, one daughter and one cousin of pop culture royalty.

Here's a list of actors on the cusp of becoming big-time screen idols.


Joel Courtney

Starring In: "Super 8" (June 10)

Summer Heat: In a summer deluged with sequels and comics adaptations, leave it to filmdom's own P.T. Barnum, J.J. Abrams, to add the spice of mystery to the mix with "Super 8." Despite some extended footage screened for reporters, the film and its central creature or force is still shrouded in C.I.A.-level confidentiality. Equally unknown is 15-year-old lead actor Courtney, who makes his film debut as the heroic leader of a team of 1970s kids making an amateur zombie film in Ohio when all hell breaks loose as a… something or other… unleashes chaos.


Joel Courtney