Harry thinks SUPER 8 is pretty damn super!

From Ain't It Cool News:

In SUPER 8…  we meet a young boy on the day he lost his mother to an industrial accident.   His father, Kyle Chandler, is the Senior Deputy for the Sheriff’s department in a small 14,000 population town.   His dad is a hard worker.  Never really there in the home.  Joe Lamb, played to perfection by Joel Courtney, is a great kid, but he was raised by his mother, who allowed him to be the geek that he is.   He paints Aurora Models, reads Famous Monsters, Starlog and has posters all over his room.   Including Robert Crumb’s KEEP ON TRUCKIN’, which kind of informs me about his mother, I would have liked to have met her, she seemed cool as hell, at least to little Joe. 


Watching Alice and Joe in his bedroom together.   Nothing out of line, just the intimacy of both doing what their parents told them not to…  and for all of that to simply be friends.   That’s all they are.   They’re friends trying to understand why their fathers hate one another – and if the story doesn’t hit you…  well, I don’t know what to say.   Suffice to say, the two fathers have a lot to deal with.   Luckily their kids are doing most of the healing themselves. 

Joel Courtney