SheKnows: "Super 8 Is Super Awesome!"

From SheKnows:

There has not been a film more shrouded in mystery this summer season than Super 8 and rightfully so -- to know too much about it would ruin the majesty that is this truly fantastic picture. From executive producer Steven Spielberg and writer-director J.J. Abrams comes a film that plays on our childhood fantasies, fears and our fascination with the fantastical 


The casting of the teens is a stroke of genius. Abrams’ lead, Joel Courtney, perfectly nails the innocence of youth peppered with the dawning of adulthood. Elle Fanning also shines in her ability to portray the pain of a broken home coupled with the uncontrollable teen tendency to want to wander into life’s mysteries. Courtney’s father is played by Friday Night Lights star Kyle Chandler in his best work on film. He sizzles and, in many ways, anchors the story. Through his eyes, the mystery unfolds for the audience. He is asking the questions we seek and rarely gets the answers we want.

Joel Courtney