L.A. Times: 'Super 8' star Joel Courtney's small-town charms

From the L.A. Times:

In real life, the polite 15-year-old has the same unprepossessing manner, with none of the flippancy or attitude you might expect from an adolescent -- let alone an adolescent who has spent the past year working with some of the most famous filmmakers on the planet.

Courtney, who had never before acted in anything more than a school play, sounded a concerned and slightly earnest note about the 5,000 other teens he beat out for the part.  "I feel bad -- a lot of kids had a lot more experience than me," he said by phone Saturday from his home in Moscow, Idaho. Like the Ohio town of the film, Moscow is a decidedly small place. The largest nearby city is Spokane, Wash., a two-hour drive away, and there's little in the way of Hollywood accouterments. Courtney and his family attended the film's premiere in Westwood on Wednesday evening, then went back to Idaho and spent opening night watching the movie at one of Moscow's two small movie theaters.

"A lot of people from my school and church were there," said the teen, the youngest of four siblings who's about to start his freshman year of high school. But his classmates and fellow churchgoers didn't give him a hard time about his newfound Hollywood status, or mention it at all, really. "They let us leave all that down in L.A.," he said.

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