Comic Book Movie reviews "Super 8"

Comic Book Movie reviews Super 8:

The movie (other than the few opening scenes) is very action packed - a lot of mystery solving and thrilling scenes throughout the whole movie. The acting core (mostly kids - at least the main ones) are all good especially Elle Fanning as Alice Dainard and Joel Courtney as Joe Lamb. But all of them are great - kids and adults alike. And for those that are early-leavers when the credits start rolling, there is a extra part of the film during the credits, so you might want to stay for that.

As all is said and done, this movie is just flat-out awesome. Non-stop nailbiting scenes and nonstop wondering what will happen next. Which is perfect. Steven Spielberg and JJ Abrams both nailed this one. Go see it as soon as you can. You (should) love it.

Joel Courtney