KidzWorld Interview

KidzWorld has an interview with Joel.

Kidzworld is with the cute teen star of the fun new summer blockbuster!

In 1979, a bunch of teen pals are shooting a zombie movie when their “night shoot” is interrupted by a massive train crash which the kids get on film. “Something” pretty huge, ticked off and top secret has escaped from one of the wrecked box cars and the government wants their film… and their silence!

One of the teen film crew members, Joe Lamb, played by talented, 15-year-old Joel Courtney, starts piecing together the puzzle and it’s up to him and his friends to save their town and make sure the angry “visitor” can go home before more damage is done.

Kidzworld is in Beverly Hills chatting with Joel, who got the part in the big summer film while visiting his brother in L.A. Check out his adventures!

Read the entire interview over at KidzWorld.

Joel Courtney