Abrams, Spielberg Make ‘Super 8′ Great

Here's a review from Pictainment:

If you’re looking for a summer film that captures the magic of filmmaking at its essence, then check out Super 8. Produced by Steven Spielberg and directed J.J. Abrams, Super 8 makes you feel genuinely feel like it’s 1979 all over again, and it feels pretty cool.

Some might say that Super 8 is Stand By Me meets District 9. Others might say it’s E.T. meets Cloverfield. There are other times when you might think you’re watching Goonies, Flight of the Navigator, or some other film from that time period. But regardless, Super 8 is a welcome entry to genre of 1970s or 80s movie where a group of young boys are involved in a major life-altering event and have a much clearer picture of what’s going on than the adults around them.


Starring in his first ever movie, Courtney brings an innocence and humility to his character that makes him immensely likable. While he’s still very young, this debut performance marks an auspicious beginning to his career.

Joel Courtney