Associated Press Reviews "Super 8"

From the Associated Press:

"Super 8" is the rarest of things this time of year: a summer blockbuster that's completely earnest and irony-free, not filled with cheeky pop-culture references or cheesy product placement. The effects, while spectacular, also happen to be germane to the plot, and they have an intimate, tactile quality, rather than seeming too glossy or removed from reality. (And they're NOT in 3-D. Yes, it is indeed possible.)

So all you're left with is ... story. And strong performances. And well-developed characters. And a believable emotional arc. And genuine thrills.


The kids at the centre of this sci-fi thriller, many of whom had never appeared in a feature film before, are total naturals and bounce off each other with effortless, goofy humour. And lookie here: The boy who's the film's freshly scrubbed and hugely likable star, Joel Courtney, bears more than a slight resemblance to an "E.T."-era Henry Thomas.

Joel Courtney