"Super 8 – E.T. With Teeth"

From Film Femme Fatale

"This summer movie does not fail to charm and slightly infuriate, though thankfully not in equal measure. The child stars are funny, sweet and gorgeous, even the chubby one. This is where the film’s heart lies, especially with the recently motherless Joe Lamb, the hero of the film who definitely turns from lamb to lion as this Sci-Fi thriller takes him on his own weird journey of discovery. Joe’s heartache and longing for love beat on his sleeve for all to see and you cannot fail to fall under his doe-eyed spell, touchingly played by newcomer Joel Courtney...there is a lot to love about Super 8. It is genuinely warm, romantic, sweet and funny, with the 1970s recreated to brown and mustard wallpaper perfection. I double dare you not to fall under its charms." 

Joel Courtney