'Super 8's Joel Courtney stars in trailer for 'Ashtown Burials I: The Dragon's Tooth'

From Entertainment Weekly

Joel Courtney, the promising young star ofSuper 8, is featured in a brand new, action-filled trailer, but this clip isn’t for the next big Hollywood blockbuster. It’s for a book.

N.D. Wilson, author of the popular young-adult 100 Cupboards trilogy, asked his hometown friend for a little help to launch his next book, the first in a projected five-part series titled Ashtown Burial #1: The Dragon’s Tooth (out Aug. 23). Both Wilson and Courtney hail from Moscow, Idaho (Courtney currently goes to school with the author’s kids), which provided the inspiration for The Dragon’s Tooth’s blue-collar Americana setting. When it came time to make a promotional trailer — which Wilson himself wrote, produced and directed — Courtney was an ideal and convenient choice to star. In the exclusive video preview, Courtney plays Cyrus, a wayward and rebellious boy who joins a fantastical group of explorers in adventures far beyond the run-down motel he and his sister, Antigone, call home.

Checkout the video trailer!

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