Wings of Poesy reviews "Super 8"

From Wings of Poesy

The stars of the film are a group of young actors, including, most notably, Joel Courtney as Joe Lamb who displays a mature and heartfelt performance. We follow his story as he tries to overcome the death of his mother at a young age, whilst doing a normal childhood hobby making a horror film with his mates. Riley Griffiths’ comedy element as Charles stole the show for me, adding an element of childhood rivalry for the affections of young actress Alice played by Elle Fanning.

The scene where the bunch of film makers realise it was no accident what they had caught on camera is the best scene of the film for me. It evokes a strange, supernatural feeling when the youngsters meet their old school teacher, Overmyer (Richard T. Jones) who tells them not to say a word as they will find you. This intrigues audiences into who they were and keeps the mystery and suspense going. The events become linked and the children find themselves understanding not only human bravery but friendship as well.

The film is a mixture of sci fi and action adventure and well worth a watch. Overall, I would say go and see Super 8 for the child in you, it will bring back memories of what we go to the cinema for: magical escapism and adventures of the unknown. It’s an Abrams and Spielberg classic that families will keep for generations to come.

Joel Courtney