Super 8 Review

The story follows a group of kids, out to make a movie. But in the process they capture an explosive train crash with all kind of conspiracy behind its cause. The ensemble of children is brilliant and they really step up to the challenge of carrying this film. Thanks to some great casting, the team consists of bossy director Charles (Riley Griffiths), make-up artist/eventual hero Joe (Joel Courtney), pyrotechnics maniac Preston (Zach Mills), perpetual vommiter Martin (Gabriel Basso) and love interest Alice (Elle Fanning). Complimenting each other and bonding well, the kids are the source of daring escapade, whether it is negotiating with an alien (as you do), or using the old “lighting a firecracker to distract an alien” trick, it is exciting. You sit watching and think, “I wish my childhood was this badass”.


Not only do they work as a unit, but individually, the actors hold their own. Courtney and Fanning show some exceptional talent in their scenes together as the main couple, marked by affectionate moments and real heroics. Guys, take notes, follow Joe’s example and next time your crush is abducted by an alien, go and save her. Both, Joe and Alice have issues with their fathers and it is these scenes where the duo shine even more, confronting their parents and forming new relationships with great energy and emotion. The film does well to leave breathing room for such scenes between parent and child creating a touching mood.

Joel Courtney