UK Stirling Observer: Super 8 is Super Great!

From the UK Stirling Observer

One of the main reasons the film works so well, however, is the young cast.

Think back to the likes of “Stand By Me” or “The Goonies”, to give just a couple of examples, and you will get the sense of camaraderie which comes across on screen.

Joel Courtney plays Joe Lamb, a 13-year-old boy who has lost his mother in a factory accident and who is struggling to bond with his equally grief-stricken deputy sheriff father.

And rising star Elle Fanning plays Alice Dainard, the feisty young object of the boys’ attentions who agrees to star in their Super 8 movie.

Both manage to grab you from the off and are screen gold.

But the rest of the ensemble cast also add to the atmosphere, which will have you feeling like a big kid again.

Joel Courtney