‘Son of God’ Actor Diogo Morgado Will Play The Devil In His Next Project

Via Fashion Times

Diogo Morgado, the actor who played Jesus in the film "Son of God," was lined up to play a character from hell in a pilot episode for an upcoming television series, "The Messenger." Members of the new show's production staff revealed that he will be portraying a Devil-like character, TMZ reported.   

"The Messengers," a CW Television Network production, is a drama written and co-produced by Eoghan O'Donnel and Basil Iwanyk, according to Deadline. The series will open with a strange object crashing down to Earth, causing a group of strangers to die from the energy pulse created by the explosion. The strangers are then revived only to discover that they have been given the task of saving the world from an imminent apocalypse.  

Morgado will be playing a character simply known as The Man, a strange being who suddenly appears in the desert in search of answers surrounding the mysterious events.

There are no formal announcements yet regarding when the pilot episode of "The Messenger" will be released.

The 34-year-old actor's portrayal of Jesus in the biblical film attracted a lot of attention. Because of his good looks, Morgado was dubbed as "Hot Jesus." However, he revealed that he wishes people would say something more about his role rather than just focus on his appearance, E! Online reported.

He said, "I take the nickname as a compliment obviously, but I'm waiting for the good stuff. And the good stuff for me is if someone just nabbed me on the shoulder and said, 'Look, you did a pretty good job.'"

As for his portrayal, he didn't consider it as an ordinary acting gig. He did his homework and even went to the Holy Land to learn more about his role.

"I was shocked. I was in panic because I knew the responsibility. I mean, I went to Jerusalem and while I was there, I felt on my own the importance of the story. (It's) so alive," he told Today

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