"Sins Of Our Youth" Will Be Shown at the Woods Hole Film Festival (Massachusetts)

"Sins Of Our Youth" will be shown at the Woods Hole Film Festival (Massachusetts) on Thursday, July 31, 2014 at 9pm. Be there! 

Sins Of Our Youth is the story of four teenage boys who accidentally murder a young boy while shooting off assault weapons recreationally and the perilous decisions they make in the wake of the murder. Tyler and David are brothers. Scott and Carlo are their best friends. In an intoxicated moment of inspiration, they decide to break into Tyler and David's father's closet, borrow from his gun collection, and unload the assault weapons on electric reindeer Christmas decorations. A nearby boy, only twelve years old, happens upon the scene at the wrong time and is quickly shot to death. In a moment of desperation, paranoia, and fear that they're lives are over due to the certain eventuality of the death penalty, the four teenagers construct a 'solution'. They decide to create four confession videos, each video leaving one of the boys out and exonerating the absent party. Once the videos are constructed, they will hunt each other down, manhunt style, until there is only one standing. While the plan never comes to fruition, it is the catalyst for deep confusion that leads to a gruesome conclusion. Sins Of Our Youth is a cautionary tale that speaks to the lack of consequence and accountability is today's younger generation. We use the gun control debate as a device for that commentary. This is a film rooted in morality. The violence in this film aides our larger message that is topical and severely important. Even the four boys range the spectrum of morality.

Lucas Till, Joel Courtney, Mitchel Musso, Bridger Zadina, Ally Sheedy, Dani Knights  


Joel Courtney