'The Messengers' TV Series Spoilers: Angels of the Apocalypse Take On The Devil In New Promo

From International Business Times

The producers of the upcoming TV show “The Messengers” have released another trailer titled “Faith.” The video gives more hints about what to expect in the series.  The lead characters in the series discover that they are the angels of the apocalypse in the trailer. [Warning: Spoilers Alert]

Five people from earth will be chosen from earth to fight the devil, after a mysterious comet hits the earth. Vera Buckley, Erin, Joshua Silburn Jr., Raul Garcia and Peter Moore are the five characters who will each get a superpower to help them with their task.

The new trailer of “The Messengers” shows the comet impacting the earth and the devil rising at the place of impact. The previous trailer of the show had revealed that the comet hit the earth near the “Trinity Site,” a place where the world’s first atomic bomb was tested.

The comet will release a strange energy that will lead to the momentary death of the lead characters in the movie. They however come alive again after sometime with their new powers. The video shows that the reason for the event is that “God is angry” and he is giving the people of earth “a test.”

The angels of the apocalypse will have to find and stop the devil and the trailer shows the lead characters coming together for that purpose. The role of the devil in “The Messengers” is played by Diogo Morgado. The actor had previously played the role of Jesus in the 2014 movie titled “Son of God.”

Some of the other cast members in the TV series are Shantel VanSanten as Vera Buckley, J.D. Pardo as Raul Garcia, Sofia Black-D’Elia as Erin, Joel Courtney as Peter Moore, Jon Fletcher as Joshua Silburn Jr. and Anna Diop as Rose Arvale. The character Rose Arvale can also be seen in the trailer, she is standing alongside the other lead characters in a scene from a bar.

Commenting on the trailer of “The Messengers,” many of the viewers expressed their excitement for the show and some of them said that they would add it to their watch list. The premiere episode of the show is slated to air on April 10, 2015.

Joel Courtney