Collectiva Diva Sits Down With the Cast and Crew of the CW’s New Apocalypse, “The Messengers”

With the April 17 premiere of The Messengers, the Apocalypse is nigh on the CW. At WonderCon on Saturday, April 4, the network premiered the pilot episode in full to lucky audiences and held a short Q&A for fans after. The ensemble cast is diverse and the creators are excited about a project that explores different individuals, races and genders all through the lens of religion, science and personal motivations. I sat down with executive producer Trey Callaway (Revolution), co-executive producer/creator Eoghan O’Donnell(Teen Wolf), and cast members Shantel VanSanten “Vera” (One Tree Hill), Jon Fletcher “Joshua” (City of Dreams), J. D. Pardo “Raul” (Revolution), Joel Courtney “Peter” (Super 8), Diogo Morgado “the Devil” (Son of God), Anna Diop “Rose” (Everybody Hates Chris), and Craig Frank “Alan” (Mixology) to chat with the nicest devil you’ll ever meet, 5 wayward angels and discuss the hope the messengers might bring to humanity.

Diva: Joel, the pilot deals with suicide, bullying, homosexuality and foster homes. [Those are] really heavy…important teen issues. How did you deal with that?

Joel Courtney: Peter has a really dark past. I mean, he’s a teenager, teenagers have problems. He’s really just learning how to navigate that horrible situation. 

Diva: So we see [the messengers] interacting in [their] own little worlds. Are we going to see [them] coming together with some of the other characters? 


Joel: It was really funny, because in the pilot, I never actually got to work with any of the other actors. It wasn’t until the second episode. I knew these people in Albuquerque but I never actually got to work with them until three months later. We go our own separate ways and then we come back together.

Joel Courtney