FanLaLa: Joel Courtney Dishes on CW's New Show 'The Messengers!'

From Fanlala

Everyone get ready! An apocalypse is coming! Okay.. maybe not in real life but definitely starting on the CW tonight! We recently spoke to Joel Courtney who will be starring on the new show ‘The Messengers!’ In this exciting CW premiere you will see a group of strangers come together after a mysterious object crashes on Earth. Joel Courtney gave us more deets about the show and what everyone can expect, along with his favorite part of playing his character! Check it out below!

Fanlala: Tell us about your show ‘The Messengers.’

Joel Courtney: The show is about this group of unconnected strangers who die upon the impact of a meteor and a couple minutes after their death they are brought back to life and kind of phased and don’t really know what happened. You find out that everyone is going to Houston and charged with saving the world from the apocalypse.

F: Describe your character on the show.

JC: I play the role of Peter Moore. He’s your typical teenager with teen problems and a little extra added on. He’s a foster child and moved around from home to home, spending no more than a year in each place he stayed. He also was bullied a lot in school so that didn’t help anything. Whenever he needs to let out some steam though, he goes straight to swimming. However when the messengers come together they become a family and things start to get better.

F: Do you find yourself relating to this character in a personal way?

JC: When it comes to family life, Peter and I have nothing in common which I’m very thankful for. A lot of the acting for this character comes from the fact he has so much baggage and a dark history but I really enjoy playing him and digging deeper into such a mentally complex character.

F: What does this show bring to the CW that hasn’t been brought before?

JC: It’ll definitely be different to have a show based on the apocalypse. Having all these supernatural aspects is bringing a new layer to the CW that is pretty cool.

F: How would you describe the vibe your cast brings to set?

JC: We have so much fun together! We joke, we mess around, we play and then we have work to do and we dig in and do a good job. It’s nice because we can ask each other for help, or to help each other run lines with no problems at all so it’s a pretty open cast. I’d say the vibe is excellent!

F: What do you think will be the audience’s favorite aspect of this show?

JC: Definitely the connection between the messengers. I feel like it’s realistic to the point that you’ll believe what we’re going through, but also everyone will really relate to the connections between each of the characters.

Whoa! This sounds like a show we absolutely cannot miss! We love when there is a group of characters we can all relate and it by the sounds of what Joel told us, that is exactly what the audience will be able to experience after watching this show. Make sure to check out ‘The Messengers’ tonight on the CW at 9pm!

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