Ranking All 17 Of Netflix’s YA-Novel Adaptations

From The Whisp: Ranking All Of Netflix’s YA-Novel Adaptations

Netflix is the reigning king of romantic comedies. Hits like Set It Up and Dude may feel like Young-Adult novels, but there are actually only seventeen Netflix originals based on YA books. Not all adaptations are created equal, and for every To All The Boys I've Loved Before building the genre up, there's an Insatiable waiting to tear it down.

If you're looking for that "just read a trashy teen love story" warm, fuzzy feeling but don't have four hours to spend reading because of #MillennialBurnout, a Netflix YA adaptation might be exactly what you need. Check out our ~definitive~ and ~definitely official~ ranking to help you separate the trashy from the trash.

And which was #1?


If Netflix is the king of YA rom-coms, The Kissing Booth is its crown. Light-hearted without being patronizing, The Kissing Booth stays true to its loyal core audience, including some of the Wattpad-turned-novel's most YA-tastic moments, like Elle discovering Noah's Superman boxers, showing up to school in a too-short skirt ~totally by accident~, and falling for the wonderful "falling in love with your best friend's older brother" trope. Audiences not looking for a real YA-romance will absolutely hate this film, which is how you know it's fantastic if you want something that's a total wish-fulfillment, so-bad-it's-good trashy masterpiece. And if that isn't what you're looking for, then maybe Young Adult fiction isn't for you, you boring old person.

Joel Courtney