Joey King Shares Amazing Reaction To First Emmy Nomination

Joey King just scored her first ever Emmy nomination for her role in Hulu’s The Act.

After hearing about the honor, the 19-year-old actress took to Instagram to share her reaction.

“This is me in South Africa on my way to set in the car live steaming The Emmy nominations announcement from the hotspot on my phone also known as the best moment in the world,” Joey captioned the video. “My work on The Act was the most fulfilling and challenging work I’ve gotten to do as an actress thus far.”

She adds, “To be nominated for an Emmy in a category with such INCREDIBLE nominees by my side, especially Patricia [Arquette] is the most surreal feeling. I haven’t stopped crying. Gettin to call Patricia right after and share this moment with her is something I’ll never forget.”

“Thank you to everyone who made this possible, there’s so many people who are behind The Act that I couldn’t have done this without and I can’t wait to call all of them!!!!” Joey continued. “OH MY GOD I CANT BELIEVE IM NOMINATED FOR AN EMMY.”

Joel Courtney