Assimilate – A new body snatcher movie

From Horrorpedia:

Assimilate is a 2019 American science fiction horror feature film directed by John Murlowski from a screenplay co-written with Steven Palmer Peterson. The movie stars Joel Courtney, Calum Worthy, Andi Matichak and Katherine McNamara.


Best friends Zach (Joel Courtney), Randy (Calum Worthy), and Kayla (Andi Matichak) discover that their neighbours are being killed and replaced by perfect copies of their victims.  Their only chance to survive is to covertly record the invasion in a desperate attempt to warn the world…

Cast and characters:

  • Joel Courtney … Zach Henderson

  • Calum Worthy … Randy Foster

  • Andi Matichak … Kayla Shepard – Halloween (2018)

  • Katherine McNamara … Hannah

  • Cam Gigandet … Josh Haywood

  • Mason McNulty … Joey Shepard

  • Terry Dale Parks … Pastor Greg

  • Vito Viscuso … Larry Shepard

  • Jennifer Pierce Mathus … Beth Shepard

  • Kevin Remington … Mr. Henderson

  • Tonetta Weaver … Mrs. Henderson

  • Amye Gousset … Mrs. Bissette

  • Kyler Porche … Dylan

  • Megan Fay … Ashley

  • Byron Hughes … Sheriff

Production companies:

  • Boy Meets Girl Productions

  • Sprockefeller Pictures

  • Maple Island Films

  • WeatherVane Productions


The original title was Replicate

Joel Courtney
Joel Courtney on Netflix's List of Most Loved Actors in 2018

According to Benzinga, Joel Courtney made the list of Netflix’s Most Loved Actors in 2018.

After holding its viewership data cards close to its chest, Netflix revealed some interesting numbers regarding some of its content.

Romantic comedies were at the top of the Netflix best list for 2018, the company said in a December press release. The most-watched and rewatched movies included "Roxanne Roxanne," "To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before" and "The Kissing Booth."

For its list of most-loved actors from 2018, Netflix rates these by increases in Instagram followers.

Topping the list was the "New Queer Eye" (all five actors), followed by Lana Condor from "All the Boys I’ve Loved Before" and Joel Courtney from "The Kissing Booth."

Joel Courtney