Joel on the Front Page of the Huffington Post

Joel is on the front page of "The Huffington Post" Entertainment today as the producers get ready to release "Sins Of Our Youth."


"Sins Of Our Youth" Will Be Shown at the Woods Hole Film Festival (Massachusetts)

"Sins Of Our Youth" will be shown at the Woods Hole Film Festival (Massachusetts) on Thursday, July 31, 2014 at 9pm. Be there! 

Sins Of Our Youth is the story of four teenage boys who accidentally murder a young boy while shooting off assault weapons recreationally and the perilous decisions they make in the wake of the murder. Tyler and David are brothers. Scott and Carlo are their best friends. In an intoxicated moment of inspiration, they decide to break into Tyler and David's father's closet, borrow from his gun collection, and unload the assault weapons on electric reindeer Christmas decorations. A nearby boy, only twelve years old, happens upon the scene at the wrong time and is quickly shot to death. In a moment of desperation, paranoia, and fear that they're lives are over due to the certain eventuality of the death penalty, the four teenagers construct a 'solution'. They decide to create four confession videos, each video leaving one of the boys out and exonerating the absent party. Once the videos are constructed, they will hunt each other down, manhunt style, until there is only one standing. While the plan never comes to fruition, it is the catalyst for deep confusion that leads to a gruesome conclusion. Sins Of Our Youth is a cautionary tale that speaks to the lack of consequence and accountability is today's younger generation. We use the gun control debate as a device for that commentary. This is a film rooted in morality. The violence in this film aides our larger message that is topical and severely important. Even the four boys range the spectrum of morality.

Lucas Till, Joel Courtney, Mitchel Musso, Bridger Zadina, Ally Sheedy, Dani Knights  



"Sins Of Our Youth" Website has Newest Poster

The "Sins Of Our Youth" website has the newest poster up. 


CW’s ‘The Messengers’ set to begin filming in ABQ

Via The Albuquerque Journal

New Mexico has a history with science fiction.

The new CW show, “The Messengers,” will begin filming mid-March in Albuquerque.

“The Messengers” starts with a mysterious object crashing down to earth.

A group of seemingly unconnected strangers die from the energy pulse, but then awaken to learn that they have been deemed responsible for preventing the impending apocalypse.

According to the New Mexico Film Office, the production will employ approximately 150 New Mexico crew members and more than 100 residents as actors and background talent. The production is taking place at Albuquerque Studios.

Basil Iwanyk is the producer and is behind “Clash of the Titans” and “The Expendables” franchises.

The series stars Diogo Morgado and Shantel VanSaten. Morgado can be seen in the film, “Son of God. While VanSanten appeared in series “One Tree Hill” and “Beauty and the Beast.”

Iwanyk is executive producing, while Kent Kubena, and Ava Jamshidi will co-executive produce. Stewart Lyons, who produced “Breaking Bad,” is the line producer.

The show also stars Joel Courtney, Sofia Black-D’Elia, Elyes Gabel, Jon Fletcher.


The Messengers To Air Mid-Season (2015)

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“And the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth and to him was given the key of the bottomless pit.” (Revelation 9)

In the white-hot sun of the New Mexico desert, scientist Vera Ivanov watches in fascination as a mysterious object plummets to Earth and explodes in a blinding flash, sending out a shock wave that briefly stops her heart. But Vera is not the only one affected by the blast: she is instantly and mysteriously connected to four other strangers, who also collapse only to miraculously come back to life hours later. Erin, a young mother desperate to protect her 7-year-old daughter from an abusive ex-husband; Peter, a troubled high school student who finally lashes out to end the constant bullying he can no longer endure; Raul, a federal agent looking to escape his undercover assignment in a violent Mexican drug cartel; and Joshua, Jr., a charismatic second-generation televangelist following in his father’s footsteps – all awaken after the pulse with powers they can barely believe, from inexplicable strength to the ability to heal others.

Most mysterious of all is the figure known only as The Man, who offers Vera the one thing she wants most in life – to be reunited with her kidnapped son – if she will help him with one morally complicated task. That task puts Vera on a collision course with nurse Rose Arvale who, after a seemingly random act of violence left her in a coma for seven years, suddenly begins to stir. As Joshua, Jr. prophesizes, the wheels of Revelation have begun to turn, and this group of strangers might be the only hope for preventing the impending Rapture…or causing it.

The series stars Shantel VanSanten (“Gang Related,” “One Tree Hill”) as Vera, Jon Fletcher (“City of Dreams”) as Joshua Jr., Sofia Black-D’Elia (“Betrayal,” “Gossip Girl”) as Erin, JD Pardo (“Revolution”) as Raul, Joel Courtney (“Super 8”) as Peter, Anna Diop (“Everybody Hates Chris”) as Rose and Diogo Morgado (“Son of God,” “Sol de Inverno”) as The Man. THE MESSENGERS is produced by CBS Television Studios and Warner Bros. Entertainment, in association with Thunder Road Pictures with executive producers Trey Callaway (“Revolution,” “CSI: NY”), Basil Iwanyk (“The Town,” “The Expendables” film franchise, “Clash of the Titans” film franchise) and co-executive producers Eoghan O’Donnell (“Teen Wolf”), Kent Kubena (the upcoming “Gods of Egypt,” “Turistas”) and Ava Jamshidi. The pilot was directed by Stephen Williams (“Lost”).