FanLaLa: Joel Courtney Dishes on CW's New Show 'The Messengers!'

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Everyone get ready! An apocalypse is coming! Okay.. maybe not in real life but definitely starting on the CW tonight! We recently spoke to Joel Courtney who will be starring on the new show ‘The Messengers!’ In this exciting CW premiere you will see a group of strangers come together after a mysterious object crashes on Earth. Joel Courtney gave us more deets about the show and what everyone can expect, along with his favorite part of playing his character! Check it out below!

Fanlala: Tell us about your show ‘The Messengers.’

Joel Courtney: The show is about this group of unconnected strangers who die upon the impact of a meteor and a couple minutes after their death they are brought back to life and kind of phased and don’t really know what happened. You find out that everyone is going to Houston and charged with saving the world from the apocalypse.

F: Describe your character on the show.

JC: I play the role of Peter Moore. He’s your typical teenager with teen problems and a little extra added on. He’s a foster child and moved around from home to home, spending no more than a year in each place he stayed. He also was bullied a lot in school so that didn’t help anything. Whenever he needs to let out some steam though, he goes straight to swimming. However when the messengers come together they become a family and things start to get better.

F: Do you find yourself relating to this character in a personal way?

JC: When it comes to family life, Peter and I have nothing in common which I’m very thankful for. A lot of the acting for this character comes from the fact he has so much baggage and a dark history but I really enjoy playing him and digging deeper into such a mentally complex character.

F: What does this show bring to the CW that hasn’t been brought before?

JC: It’ll definitely be different to have a show based on the apocalypse. Having all these supernatural aspects is bringing a new layer to the CW that is pretty cool.

F: How would you describe the vibe your cast brings to set?

JC: We have so much fun together! We joke, we mess around, we play and then we have work to do and we dig in and do a good job. It’s nice because we can ask each other for help, or to help each other run lines with no problems at all so it’s a pretty open cast. I’d say the vibe is excellent!

F: What do you think will be the audience’s favorite aspect of this show?

JC: Definitely the connection between the messengers. I feel like it’s realistic to the point that you’ll believe what we’re going through, but also everyone will really relate to the connections between each of the characters.

Whoa! This sounds like a show we absolutely cannot miss! We love when there is a group of characters we can all relate and it by the sounds of what Joel told us, that is exactly what the audience will be able to experience after watching this show. Make sure to check out ‘The Messengers’ tonight on the CW at 9pm!


GirlsLife: Joel Courtney shares about his new CW show The Messengers

From GirlsLife

You might recognize Joel Courtney from his starring role in Super 8, the scifi film set in the 70s where he played a filmmaking kid encountering alien life. Now at 19, Joel's taking on a different role in his new CW showThe Messengers—but it's still pretty out of this world. After a meteor strikes Earth, Joel's character Peter and several other individuals experience something totally incredible. They die. But then they wake up, different and powerful, with the fate of good and evil in their hands. Check out what Joel had to say about his new role. 

GL: Who is Peter?

Joel: Peter's a regular teenager who’s got some extra baggage from his history. He’s been moved form foster home to foster home and has struggled with his mental health and a past suicide attempt. When the meteor falls out of place and the shock wave temporarily kills him, people misunderstand it for another suicide attempt. But when he comes together with the messengers, they really become a family like he’s never had before. That's where his life really starts to begin.  

GL: The meteor changes Peter, right? 

Joel: Yeah! Peter is given the gift of strength—but it's kind of a need, not want situation. In the pilot there's a bully that Peter stands up to, but with his new powers, he does more than he means to and accidentally kills him. He has to learn how to control his emotions and find a good place, mentally, so he can make sure it doesn't happen again.  

GL: What are you most excited for fans to see?

Joel: This is a smart show; it will tease your brain. You have to put things together, make connections, and you get to think through it yourself. Plus, the emotional journey for Peter is pretty incredible. I feel like a lot of fans can relate to it and enjoy it. And that goes for all the characters — even though we become angels, we’re just random people selected to see if humanity is worthy of carrying on. 

GL: You guys showed the first ep at WonderCon not long ago. How was seeing the fans reactions?

Joel: It was pretty great, actually! We heard cheering, we heard some booing when Diogo Morgado who plays the devil came on screen. When Diogo comes out of the meteor crash, he's butt-naked and he walks up to this guy fixing a car and the guy goes, “Whoa, bro, I’m definitely calling the cops.” It’s the funniest thing. Everybody seemed to really enjoy it. 



From Moviepie:

As someone whose entire appreciation of Mark Twain's work comes from movies, I wholeheartedly support adapting his classic novels for film. Without the 1973 version of Tom Sawyer or the 1985 ABC Weekend Special Con Sawyer and Hucklemary Finn, I'd never know how fun and engaging his stories could be...because I tried reading The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and the folksy vernacular stopped me dead on the first page (don't tell anyone!). The latest version of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn is an excellent introduction to Twain for modern kids, and even includes the author as a character in the movie.

The film begins with Mark Twain's grandchildren clamoring for him to tell them a story. Twain (Val Kilmer) begins narrating the tale of Tom (Joel Courtney) and Huck (Jake T. Austin), following the novel as closely as anyone could while reciting it off the top of their head. Though the story takes place over one hundred years ago, the friendship between these two spirited boys is as timeless as ever. Their nose for adventure frequently gets them into trouble, but they have a way of working even that to their advantage. The famous scene where the boys con neighborhood kids into paying them to whitewash a fence (his punishment) is a classic example of their ability to turn lemons into lemonade.

Somehow the boys' shenanigans seem more suited to an earlier time, but the consequences of their actions are no less severe than they would be today. A night spent in the graveyard seeking a cure for warts instead results in the boys witnessing a murder. Though they vow never to mention what they saw, they have to come forward when an innocent person is accused of the crime. Soon the boys are drawn into a courtroom drama, and they've made an enemy out of the real killer. This would be enough excitement for most kids, but there's still a perilous treasure hunt on deck for Tom and Huck. Tom even finds time to become "engaged" to that nice Becky Thatcher (Katherine McNamara).


Get Ready for the Season Premiere of "The Messengers"! 


The Messengers - Exclusive Interview with Trey Callaway

From Spoiler TV:

Interview with Trey Callaway - The Messengers

SpoilerTV: What motivated you to become involved in The Messengers?

Trey Callaway: The minute I read Eoghan O’Donnell’s beautifully written pilot, I knew it was a show I wanted to watch—not to mention be a part of. The characters are compelling, relatable, and all in great periods of crisis in their lives, which made the pilot rich with the kinds of conflict I love to write. Then you play all that out against a colorful, complex, and powerful mythology of literally biblical proportions—and I was hooked. But what really sealed it for me was meeting with Eoghan for the first time. He’s a tremendously intelligent, talented, and humble writer from Arkansas, whom I felt immediately bonded to. Also, I’m from Oklahoma—so we’re both from the Heartland and have not only been steeped in religion, but also share a passion for science and exploring the beliefs of others. He was also in the same place I was when I began my television career, in that both of us got our very first pilots picked up to series (mine was a science fiction series called MERCY POINT on the now defunct UPN Network). So I immediately recognized that look on his face—the one that says “Okay, I just won the lottery—now what do I do?” And fortunately, I’ve been doing this long enough now, that I knew what needed to be done. First and foremost, I wanted to help protect his vision—and then hopefully help ensure we get to keep telling the story of THE MESSENGERS for many seasons to come. 

STV: As many know, you were Co‐Executive Producer of NBC’s fan favorite series Revolution. What have you found to be the most significant difference between working on Revolution and working on The Messengers?

TC: Well, for starters, Eric Kripke was the showrunner of REVOLUTION. That meant he was the boss—the buck‐stops‐here individual who makes all final key creative decisions related to the show. And because I had already worked with him on his other successful show SUPERNATURAL (I created the popular Ghost Facer characters in an episode I wrote during season one), I already admired him a great deal—and knew my purpose there was to work with the other writers to help him tell the stories he wanted to tell. But on THE MESSENGERS—I was in Eric’s shoes—which come with a great deal more responsibility. A showrunner isn’t only the head writer on a show—but is also tasked with supervising the actors, as well as all aspects of production and post‐production. In other words, you don’t sleep a lot. But it’s the greatest job in the world and I’ve loved every minute of working with Eoghan, the rest of our amazing writing staff, the talented cast, and our extraordinary crew. 

STV: The trailers indicate the “big bad” of Season One will be the Devil played by Diogo Morgado. Can viewers expect to see other villains in the form of demonic creatures introduced throughout the season?

TC: It’s true… Diogo Morgado does indeed play Lucifer, The Prince of Darkness—and believe me, he’s devilishly good at bringing a deeply manipulative and complex level of evil to the role. But no, he will not be our sole antagonist in the show. During the first season, THE MESSENGERS will be challenged to find and stop the mythical FOUR HORSEMEN OF THE APOCALYPSE. And while our interpretation of them may be uniquely grounded in many respects—with each of them facing the same kinds of difficult choices THE MESSENGERS do—they are flirting with a much darker destiny which may even put them in conflict with the Devil himself. 

STV: On the topic of Diogo, fans are excited to see his portrayal of the Devil which is quite a leap from his recent role as Jesus in Son of God. Was this previous role taken into account during the casting process or was it an interesting coincidence?

TC: It was really more of an interesting coincidence—but while the two figures couldn’t be more different ‐ I will say that like Jesus—Satan is an extremely complex character. And it took a performer of Diogo’s caliber to bring that kind of complexity to life in each role. I’ve often said that as frightening as he may be—there is arguably no more vulnerable and insecure figure in all of history and mythology than the Devil. He has been cast down from Heaven for hubris—not just once, as described in the Christian Bible—but now twice, when we first meet him in our series. And believe it or not—he’s profoundly hurt by those experiences. So on THE MESSENGERS—you occasionally find yourself feeling sorry for him—at the same time you fear him. And I think that’s a great testament to the nuance and skill with which Diogo takes on the role. 

STV: The press release indicates The Messengers awaken with special gifts ranging from healing to increased strength. How often are these gifts featured and do they play a prominent role in the development of each of the characters?

TC: Indeed, each of THE MESSENGERS has been given a supernatural gift from God in order to help them work together and attempt to stop the Apocalypse. But each gift is custom tailored to who they are as human beings—as if a higher power has looked inside each of them, identified a key weakness, and then given them a powerful tool to not only save humanity, but ultimately save themselves. 

STV: In regards to character development, will we learn more about each of The Messengers backstories? How much will their previous relationships factor into their new mission?

TC: I think I speak for Eoghan and the rest of our writers when I say that delving into who our characters are—past, present, and future—is one of the most satisfying aspects of THE MESSENGERS. These are not superheroes. These are real human beings who have been drawn together at what may the worst possible time in their lives, by an unexpectedly shared destiny they do not understand, and in some cases refuse to accept. And I think that whole notion of what it means to become a reluctant warrior or prophet in a search for greater meaning in life—is what makes our show so profoundly enjoyable to watch. 

STV: Is the series based on good versus evil or is it more focused on the individual choices made by the characters?

TC: This show is all about choices. Good ones… bad ones… and all the grey areas in between. THE MESSENGERS have to make choices—in both their personal lives and regarding their destiny as Angels. The Devil has to make choices—about his relationship to both God and humankind. And the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse will have choices to make as well… which may or may not seal their fates for all eternity.

STV: Some people fear the series will focus too heavily on religion, specifically Christianity. If you had the opportunity to speak to these people what would you tell them?

TC: I would tell them that this is a television show, first and foremost. We’re here to entertain, not preach. And the show is extremely thrilling, sexy, romantic, action‐packed, and scary. But it’s also very thought‐provoking and emotional. And I think every episode of our season makes you think and feel things that you might not get from the average show—no matter what you believe in. Being in the writers room on THE MESSENGERS was often like being in the center of a great theological discussion or debate. With very few exceptions, most of the world’s great religions have their own version of an Apocalyptic end days scenario. And even in the world of science—once the sun expands and the Earth burns—things don’t end well for any of us. So in that sense, all of these different belief systems begin to feel like they’re each wells on the same river. And like the characters at the heart of our show—we came at the material from many different spiritual perspectives—or in some cases, no beliefs at all. But we always embraced great tolerance and respect for each other. Because at the end of the day, I think our audience will realize just like we did that THE MESSENGERS is not a show about religion. It’s a show about faith. The faith we have to find in ourselves when times are tough. The faith we have to put in others—even when they’re complete strangers. And maybe, just maybe, the faith we may have to ultimately place in powers far greater than ourselves. 

STV: Does Season One end on a cliffhanger or will fans receive closure if the series isn’t renewed?

TC: Let’s just say it’s an extremely satisfying ending to our first season—but it is by no means the end of the story! 

STV: If you were able to have one of The Messengers gifts which would you choose and why?

TC: That’s a great question. I’m not sure I’d want any of them, to tell you the truth. Because as our characters will learn over the course of the first season—each of their powerful gifts also exacts a price in their lives. But I guess I would have to admit it would be pretty cool to have wings—if only to get me from LA to Albuquerque (where THE MESSENGERS is filmed) a lot faster! 

STV: Finally, for anyone who is unsure whether to tune in, can you tell viewers why they should check out The Messengers?

TC: Look, I don’t think all the Apocalyptic or Post‐Apocalyptic stories we’ve all seen on TV or at the movies have happened by accident. I think they reflect a general sense of unease that people have with the state of the world we’re living in. I mean, once you take climate change, political turmoil, military conflict, socio‐economic disparity, and a whole host of other problems—then broadcast them day and night on 24 hour news channels—it’s a wonder we’re not all sucking our thumbs in the fetal position. But the thing we’re probably most proud of in our first season of THE MESSENGERS is the overwhelming and emotional sense of HOPE that exists at the heart of every episode of this series. It’s like we’ve somehow managed to say—without always overtly trying to say it—that in the end, everything’s gonna be okay. Sure, one day we’re all gonna die. And maybe one day, the world as we know it will finally come to an end. But it’s the search for meaning in our lives—and the people we love who help us find it—that makes life truly worth living. And THE MESSENGERS truly worth watching.

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