People's Choice Awards 25 Under 25: Hollywood's Hottest Young Stars

Here's the writeup that People's Choice did about Joel Courtney.

Joel Courtney

Age: 15

What He's Done: Courtney came to Los Angeles from Idaho hoping to make $100 on a commercial shoot; instead, he auditioned for Steven Spielberg and J.J. Abrams and -- 11 callbacks later -- earned the leading role in 'Super 8'; the film grossed $259 million worldwide after its release in June.

What's Next: After the box-office success of 'Super 8,' Courtney booked two roles: he'll play a disgruntled teen in the supernatural thriller 'The Healer,' and take on the iconic role of Tom Sawyer in 'Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn' with fellow up-and-comer Jake T. Austin playing Huck. Both movies are scheduled to hit next year.

Did You Know? Despite taking place in Missouri, 'Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn' was shot in Bulgaria to keep costs down.


Joel Courtney