"Quick – Who’s The Best Actor/Actress Under 25 Today?"

From People's Choice Award

Turns out, youth is the new black. Or something like that.

Did you vote for PCA nominees yet? You still can, you have just a few days left, and if you don’t weigh in on today’s category you just might be kicking yourself down the road, because… well, you could be shaping Hollywood’s future. I’ll explain.

Movie Stars… Under 25. The fun category. The one everyone wants to vote for, because -  let’s face it – it’s the one everyone wants to be in.

25 years is a long time for many people. A twenty-five year old car is considered a “classic car”  – and when it hits forty, it enters what they call the “antique class”. If you work at a job for 25 years, chances are someone’s going to give you a gold watch when you step down. Maybe gold plated, but still.

In Hollywood however, if you’re a popular actor under 25, you’re in about as desirable a category as anyone on earth could be. 25-year-old actors have it all – choice roles, attentive agents, great skin, plenty of hair, they’ve not yet hit the reality show circuit, and they’re often charming and still quite self-effacing. This is that golden period in an actor’s life before plastic surgeons, divorce lawyers, and comebacks. It’s when they shine very, very bright. And it’s when the youth of America can pin their hopes and dreams on them as role models; these are the kids who bring everyone’s favorite books, adventures, stories, and graphic novels to life on the big screen.

Thus, we’ve teamed up with Moviefone once again to present what’s easily one of my fave awards categories: the Favorite Movie Star Under 25.  Last year’s winner was Zac Efron, and my personal pick, Twilight’s Rob Pattinson is now officially too old for the category. (!!)  But what remains is a splendid array of adorable dudes and enchanting young ladies.

Maybe you like action heroes…or wizards…or people who will soon mature into action heroes …we’ve got a few mythological icons, and even some princesses in there …a hairwhipper or two…a karate kid…some sultry vixens and a few brooding loners…there are several actors’ cute siblings plus some “ordinary” girls with “extraordinary” powers of attraction. And having a met a few of them, I am still shocked at their poise, their skill and their professionalism. This is a crop of truly amazing young people with talent for days. What do you think?  Are to ready to rate them?

Here’s how it works – you pick your Top Five from the Under 25 group here, and then some ultra-high-tech computer somewhere tallies all the votes. Then it presents us with a list of the Top Five Movie Stars Under 25 Finalists. Then, starting on November the 8th you can vote AGAIN for one of these actor/actresses – which point the star with the most votes wins. And you’ll get to see him or her up close on January 11th at the People’s Choice Awards.

So let your voice be heard and cast your votes today.

Joel Courtney