MTV: J.J. Abrams Calls 'Super 8' Work With Steven Spielberg 'Liberating'

From MTV:

If it were up to J.J. Abrams, he'd be able to keep his mouth shut about "Super 8" — his upcoming, Steven Spielberg-produced summer blockbuster — until the movie slips into theaters June 10. That PR-free approach may have flown back when Abrams was making home movies to premiere, say, in his parents' basement, but that's just not how Hollywood works.

And so, as part of MTV News' Summer Movie Preview week, Abrams skipped away from a scoring set, where he's overseeing the orchestral music, to chat about the movie. We already know the film is set in Ohio in 1979 and follows six kids who are using a Super 8 camera to make a zombie flick. One night, they end up filming near a set of train tracks and capture a calamitous wreck and the creature that emerges from the wreckage. Soon the military pulls into town, and things start to get, well, very funky for these unsuspecting residents.

What we haven't learned much about is the nature of Abrams' collaboration with Spielberg, the way the director has managed to nod at Spielberg's films without copying them and much more. Thankfully, Abrams stepped in to provide us with some answers.

Take the time to read all of JJ's answers.

Joel Courtney