Teen Hollywood interviews Joel

Teen Hollywood interviews Joel Courtney for Super 8.

Get ready for an awesome blast from the past as you join a group of 1979 teen filmmakers in the cool new Sci-Fi adventure film Super 8. A bunch of pals, probably much like you and your best buds, are shooting a zombie film in their neighborhood. Their “night shoot” is interrupted by a massive train crash which the kids get on film.

Imagine that you knew the crash wasn’t an accident and “something” pretty huge, pissed off and top secret has escaped from one of the wrecked box cars! Now some government guys and soldiers want your film and are threatening you while combing the town for the mystery escapee.

One of the teen film crew members, Joe Lamb, played by talented, 15-year-old Joel Courtney, starts piecing together the puzzle and it’s up to him and his friends to save their town and make sure the angry “visitor” can go home before more damage is done.

We’re in Beverly Hills with Joel and learning how he came to Hollywood to visit his older bro and go to a couple of auditions for commercials only to end up the star of a huge summer blockbuster for filmmakers Steven Spielberg and J.J. Abrams! Amazing… and so was making the film. Check out Joel’s story.

Joel Courtney