"Dear Eleanor" Is Released

My latest movie "Dear Eleanor" is now available online. You can watch it at:


Here's a quick description: 

In 1962, in the shadow of the Cuban Missile Crisis, two teenage girls (Isabelle Fuhrman and Liana Liberato) break out of their normal life, jump in the car and embark on a trip across the country in search of the former First Lady of the United States, Eleanor Roosevelt. Their Thelma & Louise cross-country adventure is a mix of hilarious joy ride and an empowering personal odyssey that not only tests their friendship for the first time but also lands the girls in jail.

Besides Isabelle, Linana, and I, the movie also stars Jessica Alba, Josh Lucas, Ione Skye, Luke Wilson, Paul Johansson, Claire van der Boom, and Patrick Schwarzenegger.  

Photo Courtesy of JustJared


Joel Courtney